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Strategic Consulting in credit-card business and electronic payments, including development of business plans & sales strategies; new business-development; CRM; project-management

MasterCard Worldwide , St.Louis, Purchase/New York

Responsible for all business development activities for European customers, design and execute tactical plans included; focus on the approach of the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) with the target to position MasterCard as a technical service-provider and realized the strategic target, to position MasterCard as the first address for technical services in the payment-area within a leading group of German banks

Responsible for customer’s overall satisfaction with Mastercard and built, grow and manage operational and technical relationship with top Mastercard customers

Established close working relationships with customer’s executive and decision-making level in this way secured the transaction-volume from several major banks within Europe by delivering MasterCard’s products and services.

Fiducia IT- AG / Fiducia Cash GmbH (3,300 employees)

As deputy chief of Fiducia IT AG in Saarland, responsible for SW/application7-development, organization, budget planning, Controlling, Facility-management; also enterprise development with process and market-oriented redesign/restructuring, strategy development and realization, liquidity planning and securing, multi project management, personnel management

Restructured and reorganized issuing and acquiring-department of the company and restructured, recreated and managed the teams for sales, business development, operations and delivery

Secured the business development and customer care of more than 250 banks and 75000 merchants

Managed the take-over of 2.5 million credit cards into the own processing center

Secured the efficient processing of the daily payment-business for approx 200 banks  and 75000 merchants

Contributed the construction of a new subsidiary “Card Process” of the affiliated group for processing issues and positioned the company as the main service-provider for card-based- payment-services inside of the corporate-banks in Germany

Leading approx. 55 employees and responsible for the budget of 10 Million Euro; commercial power of attorney included

Responsible for building the sales department for selling the processing-services and the other designed and developed products  and responsible for selling individual solutions in the core banking environment. Target --> third-parties (here big and individual banks in addition to the regular customer basis/ Genossenschaftsbanken).

Successfully acquired the first customers and established the sales organization                                                                                                                       back...