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Examples for project management:

banking industry

Successful intermediation between 20 savingsbanks and 40 cooperative banks and successful bring together of the mentioned groups for a common project, which was very explosive and which had a volume of several million German Marks

financial services

Establishing and securing the assembling for a processing system for credit cards, which was destined for more than 200 banks. Also establishing and securing the construction for a processing system for several then thousands of merchants.

Development and integration of the credit card processing for several hundred banks



Development and the on schedule integration of the merchant processing system for the merchant-customers of several hundred banks.

facility management

During the high water in the mid nineties, we moved a complete computer center for several banks to a place, thought for the emergency case , without any lost of data and without any lost of quality

Facility management: Controlling the total rebuilding of a big office-center for more than 150 employees and oversee the relocation to this office.