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Examples for new business development / sales and change management:

banking industry

Development on an economic and feasibility analysis as well as the development of the overall concept for the construction of a service and payments society, which produces these services in the payments environment for several banks as an outsourcing service.

financial services

For the development of a new business the processing-center for electronic-cash transactions as well as for credit card transactions of several hundred banks  was built in time. Following this success story the control was designed for the entire process of manufacture. In the same process the processes for the customer support were included.

With the consequent lobby-work we could place a strategical concept/product at several hundred banks. The concept contains the management of the credit-card processing integrated in the banking systems.

Creating of a sales team, which was responsible for complex IT-Services (Application Service providing) and outsourcing.


Successful and on time restructuring of a key department of a big computer center with the implementation of error free, efficient and customer oriented processes. Simultaneously the integration of the new processes in a new founded subsidiary was managed.

Successful development of a personal network (internally and externally) with the technical contact-persons of the customers and the technical service-providers of the customers of our contracting body and in this way the successful expansion of the business.

Development of an sustainable concept for the positioning of the contracting body in a paneuropean group of banks as the "premium partner".

general aviation

Successful construction of an ASP-platform (Application Service Providing) for the reservation-management of private aircrafts and for the planning and organization of the flight-operations in a company in the general aviation. The system produce a permanent growth since 10 years. Since 4 years the system belongs to the european market leader.