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We dispose of comprehensive experiences in the financial service industry, the general-aviation, and automotive, and we are both in the customer support and on top-management-level at home. This in a Pan-European environment.

Due to our experiences we can offer competent support in particular in all topics from payments/settlement - (Debit and credit cards / Issuing and Acquiring)

New Business-development / Sales / Change management

During our independent and creative consultation in the mentioned topics it can act around restructuring-missions, the construction of sales-teams, and the development of strategic new-businesses.  Examples....


Manufacturer and platform independence during the development of the solutions is a Credo for us. Planning, preparation and conception of complex, practice-oriented development projects distinguish themselves through highest professionalism and quality. Examples....


Takeover of Project Management- and Projekt-support-functions, coaching as individual support for project leaders and project teams. Individual workshops as support of the project work. Examples....